Published On: 27 oktobra, 2021Views: 169Categories: Fokus

Why an artist is exalted today, but not a contemporary work of art, is to be attributed to an educated journalist who is convinced that it is best for an artist to say something about himself and the creation of his works. In such a personal presentation, we can see that contemporary art is not talked about, even though it is the work of art that attracts people. And so we see again that there is an uneducated journalist at work who is not interested in contemporary art, but is interested in what the artist will say and how he experiences his creation.

This contempt for contemporary artwork and the emphasis on what the artist has said about himself in an interesting way is what accompanies contemporary art exhibitions and exhibited works about which nothing is said. You could say that there is not an educated journalist who would talk about the works on display or what contemporary works of art radiate. Instead of the beauty of a contemporary work of art or its idea, it offers the language of the artist or some of his thinking about what he was thinking and what he was thinking when he created the contemporary artwork.

I mean, if this uplifting of artists continues to talk about themselves, contemporary art will not move out of the place, and fewer and fewer people will see the exhibition. Namely, it is not a matter of praising artists, but of revealing their creations or contemporary works of art created for the purpose of letting the spirit know itself through them. The goal is for the viewer to perceive the beauty of the depicted spirituality in a contemporary work of art and to activate perceptual thinking that recognizes in the work of art the ideal in its moments.


Andrej Požar