Published On: 15 decembra, 2021Views: 298Categories: Fokus

Contemporary works of art and, of course, the thoughts of individuals who strive to comprehend contemporary art and thus get closer to the contemporary artistic idea can tell us how to perceive the present time. Contemporary works of art reveal that artists radiate a world which is basically established as an abstract world. What radiates a contemporary work of art is not a specific substantive idea, but a beautiful free image that has not yet reached its reality. It is therefore not a world that could be recognized immediately, but only an abstraction or an indefinite world that cannot be named because it is devoid of content. The contemporary artistic idea expresses only a common one, which is broken into phenomenal moments and is therefore a world that one can hardly name.
The contemporary artistic idea is therefore a simple world, which, after negation, is neither this nor that, but abstraction as the truth of the sensual certainty of the artist.

In general moments, the disintegrating world is therefore unable to exist as something one, because it is a sensual being in perception. And this being in a perception that lacks content is artistically beautiful. So what we have in front of us as an artistic idea is becoming moments. It is the body of the idea in its self-movement. Such a thing is the sensual certainty of moments that are for something else, or, a contemporary artistic idea is the unfolding of an emerging spirit.

The above abstract implementation can be a help in recognizing a contemporary work of art in its appearance as an assumption that helps to understand contemporary art. When we look at a contemporary work of art, we have before us an exposition of a phenomenal world that we cannot name. The contemporary artistic idea is not one yet, but it is a beautiful free art.

Andrej Požar