Published On: 23 decembra, 2021Views: 397Categories: Fokus, Sodobna umetnost

If we read the text on contemporary art given by Wikipedia, we can see that the text does not talk about what contemporary art explores. The interpreter of contemporary art merely states that contemporary art is created by artists who redefine the role of art, introduce some new organizations of the artistic environment, and so on.
One cannot agree with such an interpretation of contemporary art because it is a kind of external imagination about contemporary art that arose to the writer as something indefinite. Such a presentation says nothing about the essence of contemporary art, what its mission is, what it is that explores, and why it is precisely what it explores. The writer says nothing about the basis of contemporary art.
Among other things, the writer states that the definition of contemporary art is changing. This reflects that he has no idea what contemporary art is and what defines it. He may be brave, but he offers the reader a text on contemporary art that is not about contemporary art, but about how he perceives contemporary art. In doing so, he behaves externally and therefore composes a text that says nothing essential about contemporary art, because it only speaks of his own perception of contemporary art.
The writer only expresses his views with his writing, but he does not say anything essential about contemporary art. He is not aware of the concept and therefore calls for the text of a category that is supposed to externally define contemporary art, but they are unable to do so because contemporary art is not a concept that can be externally embellished and quickly defined.
On the contrary, contemporary art is a concept that explores exactly what comes to it from becoming a concept or a pure perception. Which is to say that contemporary art is not something indefinable, but what goes according to the developed notion of art, with which it conveys itself and determines itself, because contemporary art is free and not something freely evolving.

Andrej Požar